‘The only way to bring peace to the earth
is to make our own life peaceful’.

Positive Steps Residential Weekends
6th-7th July & 27th-28th July.
Pendulum Hotel, Manchester. M1 3BB.
‘U=U Undetectable=Untransmittable’

One of a number of practitioners sharing different approaches to self care for HIV+ gay men.
I taught a series of mindfulness sessions through yoga, pranayama and relaxation.

Josh Whaley & Dr John Lees
27th June
Research Conference. University of Leeds
Practitioner psychotherapeutic research, the spiders from mars and clinical practice.

Research can trap researchers in a spider’s web or can liberate them. We will show how creative practitioner research not only liberates the researcher but also helps us to develop practice in a non-maleficent and beneficent way for the benefit of our clients.

12th May. Robert Craven Memorial Hall. LS16 9AZ
(Reference material for the workshop)

BWY Regional Congress
Winter Solstice Day of Yoga
Well House Farm, Harrogate.
1 of 4 teachers delivering the Workshop

Yoga as Affect Regulator
8th April.  Robert Craven Memorial Hall.  LS16 9AZ.
(Reference material for the workshop)

Stephen Porges ‘The Polyvagal Theory’