I love Josh’s classes! He has a rare ability to push his students to improve, whilst at the same time being nurturing and encouraging, so l never feel there is anything l can’t do. He always shows a number of ways of executing a pose, so that the more creaky amongst us can still achieve great things, despite our body’s limitations. His warm sense of humour throughout makes the classes fun, and the pre and post yoga guided relaxation minutes are just sublime. Every class is different, but if you can get there weekly there is a running theme. However, if classes are missed, it’s easy to still slot in without feeling lost. I’m so glad l found Josh, l can honestly say that his style of teaching yoga has added a positive dimension to my life.

Escapism for the soul

I have been doing Yoga with Josh for nearly five years now and his class is the highlight of my week in terms of workouts/physical exercise. Initially drawn to the physical challenges and benefits of Yoga in my mid-fifties, Josh has skillfully enabled me to progress in those areas while increasing my awareness of the emotional and meditative benefits to be had from the experience. My only regret is that I did not start Yoga earlier as it’s the perfect antidote to stress and strains of mid-life. Josh is unfailingly positive and supportive and I recommend him and his class without reservation.

Josh’s yoga classes are nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

I took up yoga with Josh a year ago and have reaped huge and positive benefits both physically and mentally. Josh is an amazing teacher who makes you feel instantly at ease by combining gentle humour with a serious passion for yoga. Classes are enjoyable, relaxing and most certainly a great way to maintain body flexibility and to de-stress the mind. Best thing I’ve taken up in a long time!,

I really love starting my week with Josh’s class. Challenges for every ability taught with a lot of kindness.

It’s hard to explain why I felt the need to see a therapist. Honestly I was actually quite sceptical about it all. The best way I can describe it is to say I thought I was happy in my life but I did not feel it. I wanted to connect to my life and feel emotion.

From the very first telephone call with Josh I felt at ease. He did not come across as the stereotypical therapist. Our conversations have always felt like a chat between two friends. One of whom is highly trained and displays empathy the other who feels comfortable enough to display vulnerability.

I met with Josh once a week for over a year. We’ve never even labelled the type of therapy I was receiving. It’s been a mixture using all of Josh’s skills. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has changed my life. From being sceptical I now completely see the benefits of the process.

It’s not that Josh has changed me, he’s just made me remember how I used to be and how I’ve suppressed that due to the experiences in my life. I now notice and recognise even the smallest feelings and emotions in my life.

I’ve been able to shed the structure and framework I lived my life in to protect myself.I move through life in a flexible easy manner existing comfortably in the space I’ve created. Rather than looking in on my life through an angry pane of glass.

It’s been hard at times, emotional too but also we’ve laughed and cried together. I’ve come to the end of my process with Josh and I am going to miss him. But he has given me the tools to live my life in a much more fulfilling way.

For that I will always be grateful….

SB Yorkshire.

I went to my osteopath recently. He told me to keep going to yoga as my back was as healthy and free moving as he had seen it in 10 years.
John G

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